Public Foundation
Competence Development Center
A young, but dynamically growing organization.
We create equal opportunities for everyone!
Public Foundation
Competence Development Center
A young, but dynamically growing organization.
We create equal opportunities for everyone!
While our participants are taking their first steps into the worlds of Webmasters and Software Testers, we continue to introduce you to our teachers
2.ITeachMe 6.0
Have you already heard about the upcoming finale of ITeachMe6.0?
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The reboot of ITeachMe is in full swing!
4.Rebooting ITeachMe
Do you remember what day it is today?
You have an idea but no finances. A familiar situation?
Do you know how to shoot cool videos? Do you want to win a laptop for your talent?
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The "test week" is over!
Who is already looking forward to the start of OrleTECH training?
2.International Conference
Do you want to get to a cool event and meet famous international experts?
3.ITeachMe 6.0
The sixth season of the legendary ITeachMe courses is at the finish line!
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Do you want a cool employee to join your team? Then read it!
4.ITeachMe 6.0
Do you want to manage money competently and effectively?
1.Financial literacy
The JasSpace grant contest is over and we know the names of the winners!
3.Ethics of communication
Have you experienced a feeling of awkwardness when communicating with a person with a disability, not knowing how to choose words?
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You dream of a cool job, but you can't find it. Familiar?
Казахстанцы часто сталкиваются с социальными проблемами, которые сложно решить самостоятельно.
1.Как работают народные эксперты?
Өз iсiңдi ашқың келедi, бiрақ неден бастарыңды білмейсің бе? Ендеше бизнес-жоспардан баста!
Перезагрузка ITeachMe
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А вы уже посетили наш новый сайт?
Что значит ITeachMe для студентов и команды фонда?
У каждого своя ценность проекта OrleTECH!
Мы спросили у наших студентов, что они думают о проекте?
Сіз белсендіру процесі туралы естідіңіз бе? Бұл шынымен нені білдіретінін білесіз бе?
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Проект ITeachMe 6.0 идет полным ходом!
4.ITeachMe 6.0
Ⅰ The marathon stream "Your voice matters" is over!
1. Removal of participants
  1. Intensiv OrleTECH
Do you remember the pleasant feeling of a job well done?
3.Edution JasSpace
The Eduton in the city of Atyrau has come to an end
What issues do society care about? How to contribute to solving social problems?
It was powerfully passed the educational intensive OrleTECH in Aktau!
1.Do you feel the power of the photo?
2.Camp in Aktau
The intensive OrleTECH project will take place very soon in the city of Uralsk!
3.Qualifying round in Aktau
Хочется делиться каждым радостным событием с вами!
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To dream, act and reach great heights, you need solid ground under your feet.
We are developing and growing together with you!
Friends, the team continues offline selection of participants in the OrleTECH project!
ITeachMe is going to Uralsk!
Choosing a role in the world of self-education is not difficult, especially for your temperament.
Did you manage to apply for the online marathon "Does your voice matter?
Civil technologies
Eight trainers were trained in the Atyrau JasSpace project.
We are proud of our coaches!
Now catch video information from us
Qualifying round in Aktau
Do you know how to shoot cool videos? Do you want a prize for your talent?
Video Contest
Friends, the team is already one step away from the start of offline selection of participants in the OrleTECH project!
ITeachMe is going to Aktau!
There is often a feeling that the government and the population understand the same social problems in different languages.
Effective cooperation of civil society with state bodies
To promote ecolife, Teach me organized an amazing art exhibition "We are responsible for our planet".
Art exhibition
The online education market, which teaches new skills in demand in the shortest possible time, is growing.
Profession Web-Master
Do you want to switch with money to "you"?
Then you go straight to the online course "financial literacy"!
Financial literacy
Each of us has goals and dreams that we want to realize!
Strive for your dream
Each participant of the project "ITeachMe 6.0" has been through soft skills training, which makes changes in the view and attitude to the world.
Student reviews
Do you remember we told you about our trainers who were trained for that?
Two-Day Edutons
What do you think about when you hear the phrase "In-demand professions"? Probably an SMM specialist, a mobilographer, a targetologist or a designer.
Profession tester
Do you want to spend an unforgettable, positive and active day in the company of friends?
Quest on wheels in Atyrau
Helping people and contributing to the safety of the population of our country is the main goal of our national expert Anna Kozlova.
People's Expert
First of all, a person needs to know his rights in order to be able to defend them, and knowledge of the law is also necessary in everyday life.
People's Expert
Want to get out of the vicious circle of lending?
OrleTECH Financial Literacy
Live broadcast with a specialist in the field of labor market collaboration research with the market of specialists, PhD candidate Zholdasbekova Gulbakhyt.
A map of the needs of youth and employers in the field of Digital
Did you know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, used a wheelchair?
ITM Talks
Congratulations to everyone who managed to apply for OrleTECH! Applications are closed!
The training in Atyrau has come to an end
Completion of the training